Housing Resources

Recommended Housing Resources

QUAD provides accessible, non-emergency housing. If you are an emergency situation or urgently in need of specialized housing we suggest contacting the following metro-Portland based organizations: 

Central City Concern: https://www.centralcityconcern.org/
Affordable housing for those affected by poverty, homelessness, and addictions.

Cascadia Whole Health Care: https://www.cascadiabhc.org/
Affordable housing and healthcare for adults in need of mental health and addiction support.

Hacienda Community Development Corp: https://haciendacdc.org/
Provides housing and economic opportunities to low-income families in NE Portland. 

Home Forward: http://www.homeforward.org/
Connecting people affected by homelessness and disability to housing and resources.

Human Solutions: https://humansolutions.org/
Affordable housing and services for people affected by poverty and homelessness.  

… and more! For a comprehensive list of housing supports and organizations in Portland (and beyond), see this list compiled by NAMI: https://namior.org/search-for-resources/ Search for ‘housing’ or any other resources you find relevant.

*A listing or link on QUAD‘s website does not indicate any endorsement of programs or services.
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