The application packet contains information about QUAD affordable housing in Portland, descriptions of the complexes we manage, a brief summary of our tenant selection process, and two applications, one for our housing and one for our Supportive Care Services. Our Supportive Care Services are optional and you are not required to use our Supportive Care Services in order to live in a QUAD apartment, though the majority of our residents do.  

QUAD housing is in high demand, and we generally have a waitlist of one year or more for all our buildings. Therefore, we do not verify the information you provide on your application until your application is being considered for an available apartment. All completed applications are placed on our waiting list in the order they are received. Acceptance to our waiting list does not constitute approval of your application for housing. Approval can only be given after thorough review and verification of the eligibility information you provide in your application. It is important that you keep us informed of any changes in your contact information once you submit your application. Applicants who cannot be contacted when vacancies occur will be removed from the list.   

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