Shared Attendant Care

What Makes Us Different

QUAD‘s 24/7 Shared Attendant Care is what truly makes us different from other living options for people who rely on a wheelchair for mobility. No other independent living provider offers such a unique, practical, life-tested model of care. 

Shared Attendant Care services provide a wide range of assistance to residents who choose to participate and enroll. Residents choose from a menu of daily services that can include wake-up or bedtime care, cooking, medical assistance, help with projects and activities and more. To promote and maintain residents’ independence, QUAD gives residents the power to choose and direct these services themselves, ensuring residents receive the help and support they really need! QUAD’s care attendants are not medical professionals, but they receive special training in the specific care needs of individuals living with severe physical disabilities and other conditions”. 

QUAD Shared Attendant Care services are provided under contract with the Oregon Departments of Human Services-Seniors & People with Disabilities Division. QUAD’s team of care attendants is shared amongst residents which means services are carried out with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This tightly managed system of resident-directed personal assistance is delivered at about one-third of the cost of skilled nursing care. Our wheelchair-accessible and affordable housing with our cost-efficient services provide residents with space and support they need while retaining their independence.

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